This is what I looked like after 18 years married, I divorced my husband, and look at me today!

She belongs to the group of determined women who decide to make drastic changes and take life into their own hands.

This woman, Emma, divorced her husband after 18 years of marriage and admitted it made her feel “worthless” and that the busy life of a wife was making her unhappy.

But after the divorce came an incredible transformation! She said the reasons for her incredible transformation are mostly due to the divorce and joining Tinder.

The mother of two hit the gym, gave up fast food, and started eating healthy meals more often and cooking at home. She also started paying attention to his appearance and going out, which eventually led to her opening a Tinder account. She is very pleased with the attention she has received there and has also revealed that she received a call from a man claiming to have been on a reality show.

“I am very happy that I turned my life around. I feel great, and I think all beauty comes from that feeling. I feel like I’m in the clouds.

I used to just work hard and take care of everyone else. But after the divorce, I realized it was my turn. I looked old, empty, and emaciated, but now I’m living my best life. I’m happy and I look completely different,” Emma said honestly.

She married her ex-husband in 2000, when she was 22 years old.

“I thought I was married to him until death did us part.” My life consisted of him, our children, and work. “I felt like I had my life sorted out,” she said.

But the relationship began to fall apart a few years ago, and her husband eventually moved. They finalized their divorce several months later.

“I felt so bad after he left; it really broke me.” I felt worthless; I had panic attacks. I had no confidence in myself and isolated myself from everyone. “I was left alone, working to pay the bills and surviving from day to day,” she says.

“One day I woke up and thought, because I come from a family of strong women, I am also a free woman, and I can make something of my life.”

“I realized I could be so much more.” “I felt like a force was pulling me and someone was watching me,” she recalled.

First, she decided to change her wardrobe, replacing the usual pants with skirts, heels, and coats in bright colors. She also started wearing red lipstick for the first time and cut down her bad habit of smoking 20 cigarettes a day to just four.

Emma, ​​who doesn’t normally drink, also found a side job at a cocktail bar, where she worked two nights a week and went to the gym five times a week. She changed her eating habits by replacing sandwiches with bacon, eggs, and chips with chicken pasta and homemade bolognese.

“Now everything is completely different for me.” People say I look amazing compared to before, and I think it’s because I’m so happy inside.”

“The strangest thing is that I really believed that I was happy in my marriage. I understand now that I was emotionally sick because I was constantly worrying about everyone around me.”

“Now I just laugh all the time. And this is just the beginning,” happily concludes Emma, ​​who still doesn’t have a new partner but is looking for love on Tinder.

See how she looks now.

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