Unprecedented incident: Passenger opens plane door 700 feet above ground; reveals the reasons why he did it

An incident occurred on a flight when a passenger opened a door on the aircraft minutes before it landed on Friday.

The individual revealed to the police that the motive for his action was that “he was feeling uncomfortable.” The passenger, a man in his thirties, further explained to the authorities that his intention was to “get off the plane quickly”, according to details provided by Daegu Dongbu Police Station. He also shared with the police that he was dealing with stress stemming from a recent job loss. Attempts by Reuters to contact the police station for further information have been unsuccessful so far.

The incident, which saw the man opening the door while the plane was approximately 700 feet above the ground, led to widespread alarm among the other passengers on board. As a result of the situation, nine passengers required hospitalization due to breathing issues.

A representative from the fire department confirmed that all affected passengers were released from the hospital after about two hours of treatment. According to Yonhap, the police intend to arrest the man involved once their investigations are completed.

Former Korean Air cabin safety official, Jin Seong-hyun, noted that while unauthorized opening of emergency exits has occurred while planes are on the ground, this particular incident is, to his knowledge, unparalleled. A representative from the South Korean transport ministry added that it is indeed feasible for emergency exits to be opened at or near ground level due to comparable pressures inside and outside the aircraft cabin.

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