About us

About us

Established in 2015, the Dayton Daily Magazine’s goal is to bring the Dayton community together through positive, community reinforcing news gathered directly from us or stories submitted by the people of Dayton.

What makes us different from the other online media, is the fact the we publish local news for the city of Dayton that really matters. Unlike big media, Dayton Daily Magazine team is only consisted of locals, people that have been born and raised and still live in Dayton.

We know what the residents of Dayton need and want, we know what bothers them and we look forward to help resolving as more issues as possible, since we also live here. Our mission is to remain local, leading the direction we already have.

As the mainstream media model continues its decline, Dayton Daily Magazine is growing rapidly every day because we empower the community, providing trustworthy valuable daily information.

We create authentically local news content and perform investigative journalism and package.

The team

Mark Tyler

Helen Patton
contact: [email protected]

Erika Hoffman
contact: [email protected]

Alex Patrich
Business relations and development
contact: [email protected]

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