Washington state woman who identifies as a teenage boy arrested for inappropriate interactions, providing illegal substances to runaway teens

State of Washington – A 35-year-old woman from Washington state, was recently taken into custody on accusations of inappropriate interactions with minors, providing drugs and alcohol.

After her arrest, Amanda Dorrough reportedly stated to the police that she identifies as a 15-year-old boy.

The suspect, known as “Taz” among the group of teenagers, faced charges for ‘unlawful harboring of minors’. Police reports indicate that she planned to flee with these teenagers, according to documents from the police department.

The arrest transpired after two students, who confessed their involvement in the planned departure, prompted the vice principal of the high school to inform the police on May 4. The police had already received numerous reports regarding Dorrough’s associations with minors, totaling eleven calls since the initial one on April 11, 2023.

On May 2, two days prior to her apprehension, officers investigated the suspect’s apartment to locate the minors and spotted three teenagers leaving the vicinity hastily. Though an officer noticed movement within the apartment, attempts to establish contact were futile. The officer then explored a nearby gully, where Dorrough was discovered in the company of a runaway student.

As per the police report, officers contacted Dorrough on May 3, notifying her that one of the students was a runaway. They also witnessed four minors in close contact at the scene, one of whom was on the runaway list with an outstanding juvenile warrant. Given these circumstances, the officer deemed there to be sufficient cause for Dorrough’s arrest for “Unlawful Harboring of a Minor”.

Upon being incarcerated, Dorrough reportedly told the jail staff that she perceives herself as a 15-year-old boy, a claim she had made earlier as well. Prior to her arrest, she purportedly admitted to an officer that she related better with teenagers who “understand” her.

Evidence collected from the location where the minors were discovered included empty and unopened condom packets, a bra, and an empty cigarette packet with a lighter. The report also mentioned multiple past incidents where neighbors reported minors frequently visiting Dorrough’s apartment and an instance where she was seen scantily clad in the company of a young boy.

Further allegations against Dorrough included an alleged ‘sexting’ relationship with a 12-year-old and being barred from the Boys & Girls Club due to supposed ‘predatory’ behavior. Additionally, one parent discovered her runaway daughter at Dorrough’s residence where she allegedly consumed substances including “shiny” marijuana, possibly spice, vodka, and meth. Another parent reported tracking her son’s phone to Dorrough’s apartment, but the police could not find him there.

Jason Rantz, who first reported on this case, revealed an account from an alleged underage victim. The victim claimed Dorrough confessed her affection for him and reacted dramatically when he did not reciprocate.

Charged with distributing a controlled substance (marijuana/cannabis) to a minor, Dorrough posted bail on May 14.

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