Trina Solar makes a multi-million dollar commitment in North Texas

In a significant step highlighting its optimism for renewable energy, Trina Solar, a leading figure in smart solar products, has decided to set up a vast manufacturing facility in Wilmer, North Texas.

The upcoming facility, significant in its scale, will cover more than one million square feet. Its primary focus will be on creating high-performance photovoltaic (PV) modules, specifically, the company’s Vertex modules recognized for their superior power generation.

These Vertex modules, produced in Wilmer, will uniquely feature large-format, 210-millimeter wafers. To ensure a high-quality supply chain, Trina Solar plans to source its polysilicon raw materials mainly from reputable suppliers in the US and Europe, according to Dallas Metro News.

The potential uses for these state-of-the-art PV modules are diverse and wide-ranging. Significantly, they’re set to play a key role in driving a net-zero energy environment for Wells Fargo’s upcoming regional campus in nearby Irving. This effort illustrates the potential for integrating renewable technologies into major institutional projects, advancing society towards a sustainable horizon.

The facility is expected to begin production in 2024. Beyond pushing the boundaries of renewable energy, this venture is anticipated to significantly boost the local economy. Trina Solar’s massive investment, surpassing $200 million for land and advanced manufacturing machinery, is predicted to create over 1,500 jobs in the area.

“This manufacturing facility will be a shining example of how the Wilmer community will continue to thrive with the long-term commitment that Trina is investing within our community,” commented Wilmer Mayor Shelia Petta.

“It’s encouraging to witness companies revitalizing manufacturing and opening up job opportunities, particularly in Southern Dallas County amid its rapid expansion,” she continued.

Trina highlighted this as their inaugural module factory in the Western Hemisphere.

“This factory allows Trina to consistently grow its U.S. presence, reassuring our customers of our dedication to top-notch products. More investments in American locales will be announced shortly. Our gratitude goes to the State of Texas, Dallas County, and the City of Wilmer, Texas for partnering on this venture,” remarked Steven Zhu, the company’s North American regional president.

Since its inception in 1997 and its US operations beginning in 2006, Trina Solar has distinguished itself in the clean energy sector, showcasing a variety of PV modules and smart energy solutions.

In a related update not far in Mesquite, Canadian Solar revealed in June its plan to build a PV module production site. This project, with an expected budget of $250 million, is also projected to add roughly 1,500 new jobs to the community.

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