Styrofoam recycling event to be held in Montgomery County

Montgomery County, Ohio – In the new year, Montgomery County Environmental Services will collaborate with the city of Centerville, Eco Development, and the Centerville-Washington Parks District to assist the Miami Valley properly recycle Styrofoam.

Residents are asked to keep their Styrofoam until the event on January 8.

Anyone can bring Styrofoam to Activity Center Park, located at 221 N. Main St. in Centerville, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Anyone who comes to the event in order to drop off Styrofoam will not even be required to leave their vehicles as volunteers will unload them.

This event is not only for Montgomery County residents and anyone interested could participate.

In a press statement, the event organizers asked participants not to bring used Styrofoam food containers. Eco Development will collect and process the Styrofoam, which will be recycled into other materials.

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