New event coming for the first time ever in Dayton to the excitement of food lovers

Dayton, Ohio – Dayton is among the cities in the country where residents have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of events and festivities that are held annually.

And now one more event is coming to Dayton for the first time ever, to the pleasure and satisfaction of its residents.

Food lovers are especially excited about the “Dayton Mac and Cheese Fest,” which will take place on September 3rd at the Yellow Cab Tavern. Many local food trucks and restaurant vendors will be taking part in the Dayton Mac and Cheese Fest, where each of them will prepare their own unique version of Mac n’ Cheese.

According to Brian Johnson, the director of marketing and development for The Yellow Cab, “Having hosted food truck rallies for the past 9 years, a local food-focused event is nothing new to us at The Yellow Cab. But we’re having a lot of fun creating different specialty food fests this year. I am very excited to see all of the amazing Mac and Cheese dishes our vendors bring to the event this year!”

Mac n’ Cheese and Mac n’ Cheese-inspired meals are expected to be served by more than 15 vendors during the event.

Organizers said this would be the event where attendants would be able to have fun and enjoy great food at the same time, but it would also be a wonderful chance for the small businesses and food vendors to exercise their creative sides.

Until now, the vendors that have confirmed they will participate in the Dayton Mac and Cheese Fest are: Kungfu BBQ, The Pizza Bandit, Chef Dane, The Forking Pierogi, Home Cooked Vibez, Stoney’s Munchie Bar, EAT, Twisted Taco, and Chicken Head.

Entry to the Dayton Mac and Cheese Fest, which will start at 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., is free.

You may get further details about the Dayton Mac and Cheese Fest by visiting this website.

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