Stylist offered free haircuts to homeless people, when she heard the homeless man’s comments tears welled up in her eyes

A hairdresser was offering free haircuts to homeless people. As everyone has a story in themselves, apparently this homeless man has one too, judging by what he said while getting his haircut.

While the woman was providing the free service to her homeless “customer,” she was deeply moved by the thing he said, and tears welled up in her eyes, and probably you will be moved too when you hear his comment.

The non-profit organization hosted free haircuts for the homeless with the help of a few selfless stylists.

The event was the brainchild of Mandie, who was inspired by a colleague barber who spends his time loving on the homeless he encounters. Mandie was able to organize an army of stylists, find sponsors for food, and even have winter clothes available for those in need.

In this way, they helped them feel better, and some of them even got the opportunity to go to a job interview.

The response from the homeless community was overwhelming. But one man’s comment revealed something notably powerful.

He said, “As a homeless man, it feels nice to have a lady mess with my hair and make it look cool. It makes me feel human again. It brings a tear to my eye. Thank you so much.”

Everyone deserves to feel human.

Consequently, we must ask ourselves the tough question: Do I make people (especially homeless people) feel human or subhuman? Ask it… do you?

Check out the compelling video and share its powerful message today.

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