Mother tried many ways to kill her little son and make it look like an accident, left a straw in a bottle of bleach so her son would drink it

A mother who despised being a parent plotted many ways to inflict injury on her kid while making it seem as if it had been an accident. She did the unthinkable to her child so that she could avoid being held accountable for her actions.

After being discovered by social workers in a horrible condition, the little child is now in a secure environment thanks to their efforts. The young mother in her early 20s first pointed the finger of blame at her boyfriend, claiming that he was to blame for the more than 80 bruises that were discovered on the toddler’s head and body. But in the end, the woman confessed in front of the judge that she was the one who had abused her kid and that she had attempted to hurt him in a number of different ways.

On one occasion, the mother put a straw into a bottle of bleach and then left it out for her son, who was three years old at the time, to drink from it. On another occasion, the mother set ladders out next to an open window in the hope that her son would climb up to the windowsill. The condition of the little boy was brought to light after the young lady, whose name was withheld in order to protect her toddler son, paid a visit to her boyfriend’s mother.

During the visit, the child’s condition was noticed by the boyfriend’s mother, and she questioned the woman about the wounds that were visible on her son’s body. The mom gave a statement in which she said that her son had fallen down and that she was responsible for “nothing except not monitoring him.” It was the boyfriend’s mother who alerted authorities and informed them about the little boy’s condition. Social workers came to the house the next day and discovered the youngster in a horrible state. “Had never seen anything so bad,” social workers said in court.

Before being placed in child protection, the boy was looked at by doctors, who found severe bruising on the child’s head, legs, and arms. Doctors also found bleeding in his retina. After first trying to blame her boyfriend for the injuries, the woman revealed that she was the one abusing her child over the course of four months. And her reason for doing so was that she “hated being a mother.”

The woman also revealed that she hated having to put her son before anyone else. Her lawyer said the young mother was ashamed of her actions and added that she was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder. After pleading guilty to two counts of child cruelty, the woman was given a two-year suspended sentence that would allow her to receive support for her condition. The judge also gave her a six-month curfew order and told her to do 40 days of rehabilitation activities.

“This would not be available for a short custodial sentence and the work would not be done. That is why it is in the public interest. If you had another child, social services would be all over this and you might find that the child would be removed,” the judge said.

Currently, the child is doing well and remains in a secure, safe environment.

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