Mother notices strange marks covering her 1-year-old daughter after picking her up from kindergarten; calls the cops immediately

The birth of a child is the fulfillment of the hopes and dreams of the vast majority of couples. Even if it comes with greater responsibilities and a number of sleepless nights, most parents consider having a child to be the most valuable gift they could ever get and the greatest experience of their lives.

Even though parents would give everything to be able to spend their days playing with their children, they still need to go to work in order to be able to care for and provide for their little ones, leaving them no choice but to enroll their children in kindergarten or childcare so that someone can look after them.

The couple in this story exemplifies how difficult it can be to find the ideal environment for your children, one where they will be filled with love and care.

When a young mother named Alice and her husband were about to pick a daycare for their 15-month-old daughter, they thought they had chosen wisely and that Creative Beginnings Preschool was the right place.

But one day, as Alice picked the baby up from daycare, she noticed something that made her stomach turn and made her angry and sad at the same time.

Once home, Alice tried changing little Rosalynn’s clothes, and it was then that she noticed the horrific sight. She just couldn’t believe her eyes.

“At first, I was like, ‘Are those really bite marks?’ And then, my brain kind of stopped thinking, and I started crying,” Alice said.

“There are over 25; it’s hard to tell. 25 would be the minimum that the police officer and I discussed.”

The case was so severe that the police department was informed of the incident, and they are still trying to discover what really happened and who hurt the child. As of now, no charges have been filed.

“You always want to protect your children, and I feel like that didn’t happen,” Alice said.

“I feel like I left her with someone that didn’t look out for her at all.”

“The fact that nobody intervened in how many minutes—maybe they were left alone, maybe they disregarded the cries—I don’t know, but it takes some time to do that kind of biting, and my daughter would have been very upset,” the worried mom said.

As of now, the daycare hasn’t released a statement regarding the incident.

Speaking to new outlets, the Department of Health Services said:

“ADHS is investigating the incident at Creative Beginnings Daycare and working with law enforcement. The investigation is not complete, and ADHS cannot comment on pending investigations.”

As for Alice, she’s hoping those who are responsible for what has happened to her girl will pay for their actions. In the event that doesn’t happen, other children may suffer the same consequences as little Rosalynn. “The fact that nobody intervened in how many minutes, maybe they were left alone, maybe they just disregarded the cries, I don’t know. But it takes some time to do that kind of biting, and my daughter would have been very upset,” she said.

Our children are our treasure, and we have to do all in our power to keep them safe and sound at all times.


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