Man broke his 82-year-old grandmother’s bones, put her in plastic bags, and placed her in a freezer while still alive

Felony murder, malice murder, aggravated battery, and concealing the death of another are among the charges against a 29-year-old man, who is accused of putting his grandmother in plastic bags and dumping her inside a chest freezer before leaving her to die.

As per reports, the 29-year-old Robert took advantage of his 82-year-old grandmother’s December fall—instead of calling for emergency responders, he dragged her through their home, broke her bones, and put her into a plastic bag and placed her in a chest freezer. She was still alive when he closed the lid. Investigators say that the man knew she was still breathing when he made the decision.

For months thereafter, Robert lived with the corpse, but fearing its imminent discovery, he moved his grandmother’s body to a storage unit. That’s when her remains were discovered.

He told investigators that he “saw her back broken going into the freezer” and that there wasn’t any incident or altercation that led to her murder.

In his twisted confession, Robert then told investigators that his grandmother, Doris, was the “only family member that gave him the courtesy and love and attention he needed.”

Police were tipped off about the 82-year-old by relatives who reported her missing after Robert indicated to them that both he and his grandmother were moving out of the state. Robert is currently held in jail.

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