“Her mouth was full of sores,” mother shares pictures of her daughter and warns to avoid doing these things

This woman is reaching out to first time parents trying to warn as many people as possible after the ordeal she went through after someone kissed her nearly 2-year-old daughter.

Namely, Leah said that her daughter was kissed on the mouth by an adult who transmitted the virus to her, and the photos show a crying girl with wounds on her lips, the inside of her lips and her tongue.

“Listen and learn from my first hand experience why you should not kiss babies/children, especially if they are not yours!!! When Sadie was about 21 months old, an adult kissed her on the mouth and gave her the horrible herpes virus. She developed two small spots on her lips and then a high temperature of 39 degrees. Within hours the spots spread over her face and white spots formed in her mouth, which turned into this horrible disease which especially spread behind her teeth.’

The mother claims that even the slightest touch on these painful wounds would cause bleeding and the little girl would scream in pain.

“This meant she couldn’t eat or drink, which led to weight loss and dehydration. She was absolutely miserable and held onto my hip for four days straight! Just trying to put her down would have made her scream! We went to the doctor to get cream for the sores on her lips, but it took a really long time for them to go away. Being a first time parent and seeing your child in so much pain was horrible. It’s been a very long three weeks, so I hope I can help people, make them aware!

Please, please, please, DO NOT kiss them or let anyone kiss your babies. It doesn’t matter who they are or whether they will be offended. Hurt their feelings and worry about your babies!”

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