Girl was abandoned by her parents at 3-months-old, and what she is now doing is amazing and heartwarming

Often overwhelmed with our own problems, we don’t realize that there is someone who joyfully accepts a much bigger burden!

And while most 5-year-olds spend their time playing with toys and friends, this little girl takes care of her family.

She cooks, cleans, and takes care of her grandmother and great-grandmother with great love. My great grandmother is 92 years old. Most children at the age of 5 do not have some tasks such as preparing meals, cleaning the home, or taking care of the elderly and infirm, but this is not the case for this beautiful girl named Anna, who devoted her several years to fulfilling all the needs of her elderly grandmothers.

Namely, she cooks, cleans, and goes to the garden, but she also takes care of her grandmother. She helps them go to the toilet, bathes and washes them, and tells them with great love, “The most important thing is that they are healthy.” Everything else is less important to her.

No one would be surprised if a grown man did it, but when a 5-year-old girl is taking care of all that, we can freely ask ourselves, “Where does that strength come from? Is it love that gives her strength?”

Namely, little Anna lives with her grandmothers. She does all the housework every day and takes care of the two grandmothers she lives with.

Her father ended up in prison when she was three months old, and her mother remarried and left little Anna with her grandmother.

One grandmother suffers from chronic arthritis and can’t do anything with her hands, while the great-grandmother is 92 years old and can do a little on her own. A generous neighbor helps Anna by allowing her to pick vegetables from his garden for the lunch she prepares every day.

The neighbor would help even more, but as little Anna says, she doesn’t allow it. She likes to take care of her grandmother and great-grandmother and do everything herself. And she does everything with a big smile on her face, wishing only health for them.

Her only sadness and wound is, of course, that she has neither a father nor a mother with her.

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