Father who fought cancer for many years announced news to his 8-year-old daughter; her reaction will make you cry

A 48-year-old man was diagnosed six years ago when tumors started appearing. He went through many chemotherapy treatments and surgeries, but the tumors continued to grow.

In 2014, he said, “I hope I can pull this off and win.”

“The cancer really changed my view of life. You only live once, and now I look at every day completely differently.”

Chris, the father of three, had to undergo surgery to remove the bladder to completely get rid of the cancer.

His daughter Macy was separated from him for the first time when she had to undergo surgery, and he spent two weeks recovering.

“I was in agony after the surgery,” Chris said. “But at least my kids can wake up every day knowing their dad is going to survive.”

He added: “Macy watched me fight the cancer for six years, and it affected her. It was very emotional for her.”

“She visited me when I was in the hospital, and it was hard for me when she left. She completely broke down.”

“She is only 8 years old, so we didn’t explain much to her, but we couldn’t lie to her either. She handled the whole situation very well.”

The operation went well, and the cancer was removed. And when Chris was released from the hospital, he decided to surprise Macy. He came home, lay down on the sofa, and waited.

“I was hiding on the sofa in the living room, and she was upstairs. My wife told her to go check her cell phone because I sent her a message.”

Chris sent her a picture of himself on the couch, and Maisie immediately took it. “She flew down and started screaming when she saw me.

“Then I announced to her the news that the cancer is gone, and her reaction was priceless. She was so happy that she started crying! I’ve never seen her like that. We then all started crying, no one has ever shown me such love.”

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