Dog sensed that the baby had stopped breathing, saved her life with its stubborness

Dogs are considered the most interesting and loyal pets. They provide companionship and protection and can also smell when something is wrong with their owners.

Sometimes it’s not easy to be a hero, and that was exactly the case with this dog who saved a baby’s life!

But a small puppy can be awkward at times, just like any other member of the family. That’s what Henry’s owner thought when, one night, Henry just couldn’t settle down.

Kelly got very frustrated when Henry kept pushing open Kelly’s little daughter’s door.

The infant was not feeling well. Kelly noticed that the dog kept breaking into the nursery and sniffing at her.

Kelly thought her baby had a cold, but suddenly it got worse. When she took a closer look, she noticed that the little girl was not breathing.

“She was sweaty and freezing. She couldn’t get air.”

The little girl was rushed to a children’s hospital. Kelly soon realized that Henry wasn’t trying to disturb them at all. He was babysitting and trying to communicate with Kelly!

The story of Henry’s heroic act went viral.

Dogs sense when their owners are not well and recognize when something is wrong with a family member. Many people were saved by dogs.

By the way, Henry is a Boston terrier. This breed is particularly stubborn. Well done, stubborn Henry!

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