1-year-old boy found dead strapped in a car seat, authorities revealed shocking details regarding his death

The bodies of an over-a-year-old boy and his mother were found at their home by authorities days after they both had died. Another shocking detail was also revealed in this case by the authorities, who said that the boy’s 3-year-old sister had been taking care of him for days since their mother was already dead.

An autopsy of the woman, Tiffany, showed that the cause of death was determined to be a fentanyl and meth overdose, while the autopsy of the 15-month-old Nicholas revealed he died of dehydration and starvation.

Tiffany’s three-year-old daughter was found alive in the home, and there were signs that she’d cared for her little brother before he died. Food, including dried eggs and eggshells, was found around Nicholas’ car seat. The bodies were discovered after a probation officer went to the home and found the door locked. She called 911 after she saw Tiffany’s body through the window and the little girl running inside the home.

Drug paraphernalia was recovered from the home following a police search. Nicholas was found strapped in his car seat on a bedroom floor, and Tiffany was found on the bathroom floor. Authorities thought that she had died from an overdose of drugs, and a toxicology report showed that she had been using meth and fentanyl. Tiffany’s daughter was taken to the hospital for treatment.

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