Son begged his mother to cut off his leg and end his life because he couldn’t bear the excruciating pain, but then the mother’s prayers were answered

When you believe in miracles, they eventually happen.

Because of the pain in his leg, the son told his mother to cut off his leg or end his life. The mother prayed to God, and He answered her!

Dillon was in so much pain that he wished he had never been born. Even a team of experts couldn’t figure out why he was experiencing life-changing pain until God led his desperate mother to answer her son’s mysterious and agonizing pain.

Melanie described her son as full of life, funny, and wise. He was full of life and lived it to the fullest.

But one day in 2021, Dillon woke up with severe pain in his leg. It got worse until Dillon was completely bedridden, even yelling at his mother to cut off his leg or end his life. What mother wants to hear that?

We love our children so much that we give so much of ourselves.

We give everything we have and would travel to the end of the world to make our child’s life better.

Dillon’s mother, Melanie, was desperate to find a way to cure her son. She took him to specialists until Dillon was found to have a rare condition called complex regional pain syndrome. In fact, it has been called the “disease of selfishness.”

But like all mothers desperate for answers, her prayers were answered when God led her to find a way to ease her son’s pain.

The only problem was that the only treatment available that was known to work was in another state.

Our mighty God has opened the door for that too. She managed to book flights to the state and bought a device known as a Vector.

This revolutionary device relieves pain by stimulating nerves through electrical stimulation.

During the night, the prayers were answered.

Overnight, her prayers to save her son’s life were answered, as the procedure worked instantly. Not only was it an answer to her prayers, but Dillon’s as well.

Dillon went from being an invalid who wanted to die to becoming a boy full of life again. Her mother’s heart overflowed with joyful gratitude.

Thank God for providing the healing answers this precious family needed. The best part is that Dillion can now go back to hitting big milestones like his freshman year of high school.

Isn’t that the same as our God? When we ask, knock, seek, and pray, he wraps us in his comfort and points us to the answers.

The best thing is that he never left them. God knows how precious our children are to us because they are even more precious to him.

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