Many parents of students struggle with school supplies prices as children are getting back to school

Dayton, Ohio – The previous few months have been difficult for every American as a result of rising prices and soaring inflation. According to experts, inflation is not likely to slow down in the upcoming period, which will causes uncertainty for a substantial number of people across the nation.

The growing cost of living has a negative impact on every single American, but those most affected appear to be parents whose children have just begun a new school year and are in need of school supplies, which are understandably more expensive than in past years.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of education and supplies has climbed by 3.1%, while the price of stationary has increased by an even greater 11%. This includes notebooks and paper. On the other hand, clothing prices have increased by 5.1% since August of last year. However, parents report that actual expenses and prices are up to 50 percent compared to last year, causing them significant difficulties at a time when everything has gotten far more expensive.

In a recent poll performed by the National Retail Federation, many parents stated that they will have to make sacrifices in order to afford to buy their children’s school supplies.

During the pandemic, many business owners have encountered supply chain difficulties. Many local residents began purchasing school supplies early this year compared to previous years, both to prevent the above situation and to save money on essential supplies.

“It did spur them to start shopping a little earlier, that as well as some of the higher prices,” said Katherine Cullen of the National Retail Federation. “People do want to give themselves more time.”

For students of several Miami Valley school districts, including Clark County, Miami County, Shelby County, and Montgomery County, Wednesday is the first day of school.

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