Instead of throwing you Christmas tree, you can now donate it for recycling at Eastwood MetroPark

Dayton, Ohio – Every year, millions of Christmas trees are being thrown away right after the holidays, but things in Dayton are changing since every local can now donate their Christmas tree for recycling.

Starting Sunday, December 26, everyone can donate their Christmas tree for recycling at the Five Rivers Metro Parks, multiple sources reported.

This is not the first year for Dayton citizens to donate their trees. According to FRMP Conservation Manager Grace Deitsch and her team who are behind this project for several years now, they are collecting Christmas trees and sinking them in Eastwood Lake to improve aquatic life.

“By sinking these tree structures and bundling them up, sinking them into known locations around the lake, it’ll help attract fish into these structures because it creates good spawning areas, which will then attract larger fish which then also becomes great angling opportunities for people who like to fish,” Dietsch said.

Dietsch added that the project will run for 20 days, starting December 26 until January 16. She said they won’t only work for New Year’s Day.

To recycle your Christmas tree, drop the festive foliage off at the Eastwood MetroPark at 1401 Harshman Road.

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