Child abuse related charges also brought against parents of woman who was accused of torturing her stepson

Cincinnati, Ohio – The parents of Amy Dangel, the Cheviot woman who is suspected of torturing her stepson, are now facing charges themselves for allegedly abusing the youngster as well as helping and abetting their daughter in her abuse of him.

Armin Rodriguez, who is 70 years old, and Susan Rodriguez, who is 67 years old, have both been indicted on counts of child endangerment and complicity.

Amy Dangel is facing 11 counts of endangering the child. According to the findings of the investigation, Dangel beat him many times while tying him down to his bed, after first making him stand in a corner for several days. In addition to this, he suffered from malnutrition, and the therapy he received may have had lasting implications. Anthony Dangel is being accused of allowing Amy to abuse the boy.

According to the indictment, Amy’s parents participated in the abuse that was taking place at the time and allowed their daughter to abuse the victim. In the court documents, there is no mention of how the boy’s parents are said to have hurt him.

On Monday night, Armin and Susan Rodriguez were taken into custody. Their first appearance before the court has not yet been scheduled.

Both Amy and Anthony Dangel are now free on bail. On Tuesday, they are expected to appear in court for the hearing.

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