Another charge filed against Indiana mother who abandoned her son

Heather Adkins, the mother of the son who was found wandering in Colerain Township, is facing one more kidnapping charge for allegedly taking her son 75 miles to Colerain Township and abandoning him.

Adkins was scheduled to appear in a Scott County, Kentucky courthouse on Tuesday when the charge was filed.

Investigators believe Adkins abandoned her now 6-year-old autistic non-verbal son on a dark, dead-end street beside a flooded creek last Thursday after leaving the apartment she shared with her three children.

He was found approximately an hour later by a bystander. The kidnapping charge applies to a mentally incompetent person or a person under the age of 13. Hamilton County has already filed charges against her for child endangerment.

Adkins was taken into custody in Scott County, Kentucky, after she failed to pay a fee. Police were sent to a gas station in Georgetown after receiving a report of a woman behaving irrationally in the area.

Adkins was ordered detained on $10,000 bail by a court in the city. She’ll be back in court on March 8, with the possibility of being extradited back to Ohio.

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