A Dayton man who stabbed his wife and told investigators she harmed herself pleaded guilty to charges and was sentenced

Dayton, Ohio – Dayton resident, Richard Lee Krug, 61, has been sentenced to two to three years in prison after he pleaded guilty to one count each of felonious assault and domestic violence, as per Montgomery County Common Pleas Court records. The domestic violence charge is categorized as a first-degree misdemeanor.

Krug had initially claimed that his wife, found unconscious with a stab wound in the upper left side of her chest, had inflicted the injury on herself. The incident, reported as a suicide attempt, occurred in March on Vine Street and resulted in the woman’s transportation to Miami Valley Hospital, according to Dayton Municipal Court records.

In the legal proceedings, a second charge of felonious assault against Krug was dismissed. Reflecting on the case outcome, his defense attorney, Michael Booher, stated that the resolution was fair considering the circumstances. Booher further revealed that Krug expressed deep regret for the tragic events.

While the charges have been resolved, the incident illustrates the ongoing struggles with domestic violence issues within the community.

“He stated he tried to get the knife from her, but she stabbed herself in the struggle,” an affidavit read.

Investigators initially faced challenges in interviewing Krug’s wife due to the severity of her injuries. However, once they were able to speak with her, she refuted Krug’s claims of a suicide attempt. Instead, she revealed that the couple had been engaged in a heated argument, as stated in court documents.

In the course of the argument, it is reported that Krug seized a large knife and stabbed his wife. These additional details provide a stark contrast to the original narrative presented by Krug, further highlighting the complexities involved in this domestic violence case.

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