“Worst pain I’ve ever felt,” boy left with permanent scars on face, his friend pulled a “prank” by throwing liquid at him

A 12-year-old boy’s worst nightmare came true when his friend pulled a “prank” on him during a sleepover, leaving him with severe burns.

Antonio, a 12-year-old boy, was taking a morning shower when his friend poured a cup of an unknown liquid over his face and chest.

‘I see him, I think with a cup, and he splashes it all over me,’ Antonio said. ‘And right when it splashed, I started freaking out because it burned. And I looked in the mirror I saw my skin hanging and I saw bubbles. Worst pain I’ve ever felt.’

It’s not clear whether the liquid in the cup was a chemical or boiling-hot water, but the result was severe burns that required Antonio to get grafts of pig skin. Antonio was rushed to a hospital, where he spent a week undergoing skin grafts and recuperating. ‘It still kind of hurts looking side to side,’ he said. ‘Day by day, I’m getting better each day.’

Antonio said that he hadn’t been fighting with the boy, and doesn’t know why he dumped the liquid on him. ‘What did he pour on me and why did he do it? That’s all I want to know,’ Antonio said. The father of the other boy declined to comment to the local station. The police is investigating, but says its deputies have not yet questioned the other boy because his parents invoked his right to an attorney. Investigators are collecting facts about the case, and may forward the file to prosecutors, who would decide whether criminal charges are merited. Antionio’s mother has retained an attorney and is contemplating a civil lawsuit.

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