Woman was informed her baby died at birth, 69 years later, she stood by the door and waited impatiently for her daughter to show up

There is no greater pain for a mother than losing a child, but in one incredible case, a woman got a chance to see her lost child again.

The year was 1949, and the world was indescribably different. The young woman, Genevieve Purinton, was 18 years old and pregnant.

Even though the details are not given, it seems reasonable to assume that the situation she was in was not a good one. After nine months, Genevieve gave birth to a girl. “I said I wanted to see the baby,” she recalls, but the doctors gave her terrible news. They told her that the baby did not survive. Her life was ruined. After many years, she ended up alone in a nursing home with very little family to help her.

On the other side of the planet, a woman was surrounded by her family, but she had a large hole in her heart.Ever since she could remember, Connie had been interested in who her biological parents were. “I remember when I was five years old, I wanted to find my mother,” she told reporters. Last Christmas, her family decided to help her in the only way they could. Through DNA analysis, she found her roots.

She soon got in touch with a relative she had never met. She mentioned her mother’s name, which was given to her by the company. “That’s my aunt,” answered the relative, and then added that she was alive.

Not long after that, Genevieve, who was now 88 years old, stood impatiently in front of the nursing home door. He was moments away from meeting the daughter he had lost so long ago. When they met, they immediately cried. “You’re not dead,” Genevieve said, as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. “I’m not dead,” Connie replied through tears.

Not only is her daughter alive, but she has a beautiful life. Genevieve went from loneliness to finally meeting her daughter, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The doctors, it turns out, lied to her, telling her that her daughter had died and that Connie had been adopted by a couple from Florida.

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