Woman got her first period at 18 months old, the condition caused her to develop early and experience excruciating pain during periods

We have all, at some point in our lives, heard of individuals suffering from rare diseases or conditions, but this case is definitely the weirdest.

A young woman is trying to reach as many people as possible and tell them about her condition, which caused her to develop much earlier than usual and may also leave her unable to have children in the future.

The first sign of this young woman’s period appeared before she was two years old. Her period wasn’t regular until she was eight years old, and the pain she felt during her periods was so bad that she had to start taking birth control pills when she was thirteen.

Lisa suffers from a condition called precocious puberty. Those suffering from this condition go through changes associated with puberty before the age of eight. As a result of this condition, Lisa got her first period when she was only 18 months old.

She had periods that were irregular when she was a baby, but as she turned eight, her cycle became regular. In addition to this, she suffered from very uncomfortable and heavy periods. As a result, when she was a young teenager, she was forced to have a hymenectomy, which is a surgical procedure that opens the hymen, before she could be placed on birth control pills at the age of 13.

When she was in primary school, she finally accepted the fact that she was different. Because of the size of her breasts, it was quite clear to everyone.

“It was very obvious to other people and parents because of the size of my chest. It was a major barrier for making friends,” Lisa said.

The doctors reassured Lisa’s parents and her that she would be able to live a normal life in spite of the unusual condition that she has been diagnosed with.

“No-one else in my family has this. My parents were scared at first, but thankfully the doctors explained everything to them. My parents were always the ones encouraging me that it was normal and to not feel segregated. It was incredibly scary, but because of how open and supportive my parents were, I had all of the support I needed,” Lisa added.

Lisa points out that she also received enormous help from the teachers at the school.

“My school also kept pads for me and allowed me to take time out of lessons. It made the process easier and made me feel better in myself,” she said.

Lisa has been told there is a chance she won’t be able to have children in the future, but it’s still unclear whether her condition would cause early menopause or not.

Lisa decided to establish an online community for the women who have contacted her after she shared her story on TikTok and revealed that they too suffer from this uncommon condition. Within this group, the women are offering support and encouraging each other.

“I thought my situation was the perfect scenario to educate people. It’s good to know I’ve been able to inform people of what can happen. Spreading awareness has been really good,” said Lisa.

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