Wife hides pregnancy from her husband, gives birth in a bathtub and does the unthinkable; police discover more shocking details

We are all aware that there are some people who are capable of committing crimes, but it is certainly beyond imaginable that there are many who are capable of hurting a child, especially when their own child is the one in question. Such is the case with the woman in this article, who is responsible for the death of her newborn.

The woman managed to hide the fact that she was pregnant for months from her husband, who only thought she had gained weight during that time.

What the husband also had no idea about was that his wife had given birth to a child in the bathroom, killed the baby, and hid the infant’s body from him for two days.

The mother, who was only identified as Oleksandra, had five other children before becoming pregnant with this baby. When it was time for 28-year-old Oleksandra to give birth to her sixth child, she went to the bathroom and laid in the bathtub at her home.

Once the newborn baby was out, Oleksandra reportedly strangled the child to death with her bare hands. Within seconds after coming into this world, the little one lost her life.

Oleksandra then cut off the umbilical cord and placed her baby girl’s body in a plastic washbasin. After covering the body with a pile of clothes, the mother left the baby in the bathroom. Her plan was to keep the body in the house until she got an opportunity to throw the corpse away like trash.

However, neighbors began growing suspicious not long after the child’s birth. They found her behavior strange, even though she denied giving birth to a child. One neighbor also particularly noted that Oleksandra failed to give a proper explanation as to why her belly suddenly grew smaller and flatter.

When the neighbors called the police, they found Oleksandra confessing to being the reason for her child’s death.

“She did not want the baby and planned to carry it outside and throw it into a trash container after her husband left for work,” said one witness, according to a news outlet.

While speaking to the police, Oleksandra told the officers where they could find the infant’s corpse. Upon further investigation, they found that the baby was indeed born alive and killed soon after birth.

“The girl was born alive and died of mechanical asphyxia. It means she was strangled to death,” said Andriy, the chief of the police department.

The police also spoke to Oleksandra’s husband, Mykola, who reportedly claimed that he had no idea about his wife being pregnant. All he thought was that she had put on some weight.

Following the discovery of the infant’s body, the police opened a criminal case for premeditated murder against Oleksandra. The couple’s 18-month-old twins and three other children, ages 6, 5, and 3, were placed in the care of social services.

It is possible that the parents will be stripped of their rights to raise their five children. Moreover, if Oleksandra is convicted of murdering her baby, she could face up to five years behind bars.


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