They made fun of him because he has no parents; What the boy replied will leave you heartbroken

We’re used to the fact that Internet comments can be so insensitive that it’s simply unbelievable, but one of them really shocked us.

The boy who honestly admitted on the Ask social network that he has no parents, surely like the others who read it, was shocked by one person’s comment: “That’s funny.”

Namely, as with Facebook and similar social networks, “family” is added to the description of Ask’s profile; the boy said that he has no parents. The mockery was followed by an answer that surprised everyone. “I have to cook and wash myself. I don’t have time to play,” the boy wrote, among other things.

“I have all A’s, when I come back from school, I run to work because I have to buy medicine for my grandmother, feed my brother, and now I am like a mother to him.” This is part of the confession of this unknown boy.

“Hahahahahhaha, you don’t have parents!” the comment read.

And here is the answer from the boy without parents:

“I don’t need to, but I have to tell you this: I also had a 2-year-old sister who died with them in the traffic! I am alone with my sick grandmother and 5-year-old brother! I have to cook, I don’t have time to go out and play, no one comes on my parent’s day, and I have no one to tell my secrets or problems anymore. I used to go to break dance, but not anymore because of poverty, and that was my dream. Yes, I’ve heard my entire life that everyone is human, but almost no one is. I work in a Chinese store, I run around all day, and I hardly come home to study, but I still have all A’s. I have to study so that when I grow up I will have something to do to take care of my family. We have nothing to eat. Me and my brother go to the grocery store to find a piece of bread to fill our stomachs, I have to earn money for medicine for my grandmother. She barely survived the accident and suffered a heart attack. I have to take her to the doctor. No one understands my life. Everyone turned their back on me. When we play something at school, I’m always chosen last. When we were preparing a play for parents, we were dancing, and I grabbed a girl, and her hands were so soft, and she said, “Have you ever washed your hands?” I looked at her and laughed, and my soul was crying—how I didn’t wash my hands! But my hands are like that from work—chopping wood, doing everything. I run there, I run here, and I can’t sleep at night to not let something happen to my grandmother. We sleep on straw, and my brother is always cold. I have to take off my clothes to warm him. This is my life; come on, tell me yours! You just play on the computer. Many will ask where I got mine from?! Well, every day I go to the library to learn something new, and sometimes I go to Facebook to chat with my aunt from Italy to tell her that we are all good! You have everything—a closet full of clothes, and you say you have nothing to wear; 4-5 cell phones, and you want a new one; and I only want one, MY PARENTS!”

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