Restaurant worker refused to give water to a homeless man, God put a woman in his path to help him

A homeless man asked a restaurant worker for a glass of water, but the worker refused to give him one. However, God touched the heart of a woman who saw everything.

Ms. Navarro has a big heart for the homeless. Although she is from the Philippines, she now lives in Texas and goes to Houston every weekend to hand out pizzas to the homeless.

She was having dinner with a friend when God put her in the path of a homeless man who needed the love of Christ. And that’s exactly what this woman gave him!

A homeless man entered a restaurant with a simple request. He asked for a glass of water or juice, but the employee refused to help him.

He told him he had to buy a drink, so the homeless man left the restaurant dejected and with his head down.

Ms. Navarro was deeply moved by the sight, so she ran after the man. She found him digging through a dumpster. She asked him if he would like to join her for dinner, and he respectfully accepted the invitation.

They returned to the restaurant, where another waiter immediately approached the homeless man and asked him to leave. But Ms. Navarro defended him, stressing that he was her guest.

The man joined Ms. Navarro and her friend at the table and ordered orange juice and later pink lemonade.

After that, he went to the buffet, where he stood for some time, where he took food with tears in his eyes.

It was a touching moment for Ms. Navarro. She looked at the man and thought how she did not appreciate the money, forgetting how many people had nothing to eat or drink.

She is grateful to God for using her to be a blessing to man, and she and her friends make a plan to do the same every time they see a homeless person.

We hope that her story will inspire you so that you too can spread love to those who have been rejected by society.

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