Man tries to rob a store, doesn’t realize the clerk served in the army and immediately regrets his decision

Robbery victims know that it’s easy to get scared and give in to the robber’s demands, especially when they are armed. However, it is important to keep a level head and try to take note of the robber’s physical description, mannerisms, and anything else that could potentially be used in a criminal investigation.

But this robbery victim went a step further and didn’t give in to the robber’s demands. Instead, he decided to fight back and teach the robber a lesson.

A man walked into a liquor store where 54-year-old Jon was working. The would-be robber waltzed into the door with a cigarette dangling from his lips, puffing smoke.

Immediately noticing the man, Jon told him that smoking wasn’t allowed inside the store. Jon later stated that the man just looked him straight in the eye and drew in another puff like he was an action movie villain.

The thug then demanded that Jon give him all of the money and tried to pull his pistol, not knowing that Jon was a military veteran. Thanks to his years of training, Jon was able to move faster than the crook, cover his gun, pull out his own pistol, and point it at the man’s face.

Jon remembers telling the criminal to get out of the store before he blew his head off, and a moment passed between them. Eventually, the robber backed away from the counter and headed for the door.

A long career in the military—as a corrections officer, a private investigator, and on four tours in Iraq—led to Jon’s quick and cool reaction. He stated that due to his extensive exposure to danger and weapons, the robber didn’t bug him very much.

His background saved not just his own life but the gunman’s as well, as Jon stated that he couldn’t shoot the thief if his weapon was pointed away. Jeannine, the owner of the Beer 30 store Jon works in, said she knew about his background but was still astounded by his actions when she viewed the surveillance video.


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