Man brutally killed his wife, what he did afterwards was what shocked authorities the most

A 21-year-old man killed his wife, but the committed murder, as brutal as it was, was not what shocked the authorities the most, but what the man did after killing his wife.

The man was arrested and charged with murder in connection with the death of his wife. Police reports say that officers were sent to the scene after getting a call saying that a man had just killed his wife.

Authorities said the man who called 911 to submit the report also alerted them that the man was reportedly trying to clean up the crime scene. Officers arrested the man upon arrival at the scene.

Police records indicated that when officers arrived at the building where the crime was committed, they entered the apartment after obtaining a key from the leasing office. The victim had had her throat slit and was left lying in a pool of blood in the toilet.

Upon being questioned by the authorities, the man admitted that he had committed “unspeakable” things to his wife, including slitting her throat and drowning her in the bathtub as she attempted to escape the onslaught by crawling away from him. When questioned why he didn’t stop before murdering his wife, he told the police that it was “not how he was raised” and that if he began anything, he must complete it “all the way.”

The thing that shocked authorities the most was that the man told them he played his wife’s all-time favorite song as she passed away while holding her hand.

The man was charged with first-degree murder as well as tampering with evidence.

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