Man approaches a woman and asks “bizarre” questions; what happened next assured her that he’s a human trafficker

For most people, when they hear the term “human trafficking,” they immediately think of movies, but the shocking truth is that incidents like this are happening in our own “backyards.”

A young woman named Haley experienced this firsthand while simply lying out on the beach.

That’s when a stranger approached her and made himself a little too comfortable before hounding her with bizarre questions.

“About my credit score, where I live, if I’m financially secure, and having people who love me,” she said. “He asked why I was alone and how far away I lived. Then things got more inappropriate, and he started asking me se-ual questions and commented that since I have tattoos, I must like pain. I just kept telling him that I was studying and to please leave me alone. At one point I told him I was uncomfortable, but he just continued to sit right next to me.”

“I obviously didn’t answer these questions; I ignored him and kept asking him to leave me alone.”

She says she was “terrified” to stand up and go to her car because it’s a lot easier to grab someone standing up than it is when they’re laying down. Haley also didn’t want him to know what car she drove or somehow follow her home.

Haley said that the middle-aged man spoke very broken English.

“I’m almost 99% sure he was a se- trafficker based on the questions he was asking me.”

When her friend Mandi called to tell her she was on the way, the man finally left.

“The second she called, he practically ran away.”

Haley wants others to know that the stories we hear about are real, and they’re happening too close for comfort.

“Please be careful, ladies, If you go to the beach alone, make sure someone knows where you are and bring protection! I don’t think a man has EVER made me that uncomfortable and scared for my safety.”

Human trafficking is happening every single day. The only way we can combat it is to be educated, keep our eyes open for red flags, and continue to share stories like these. They’re scary, but they’re REAL. And they could wind up saving someone else’s life.


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