High school prank gone wrong: Texas teens face felonies after unleashing a stink bomb

In a turn of events at Caney Creek High School, located 45 miles north of Houston, Texas, two teenagers have been indicted on felony charges, allegedly related to a disruptive prank involving a malodorous “fart spray”.

The incident resulted in several evacuations and reportedly led to students feeling unwell.

The young men in question, David Navarrete-Arce, aged 17, and Diego Flores, aged 18, were taken into custody on May 12, subsequent to an investigation.

The charges against them include possession of a prohibited weapon, a third-degree felony in Texas that could carry a sentence of up to a decade in prison, as reported by The Courier of Montgomery County. Both have been released on bond, each amounting to $3,000.

The problematic sequence of events began on May 3, when a potent gas-like smell enveloped the high school. The local fire department evacuated the premises and after overnight ventilation, the school reopened the following day. However, around midday, the disturbing odor returned, necessitating another evacuation.

The school remained closed until May 5, by which time the strong smell had finally dissipated. As a result of the incident, six students required hospitalization for symptoms such as headaches and nausea, with a further eight reporting feeling unwell.

In the days following the incident, hazardous materials crews undertook an extensive search of the campus using gas detection equipment, but found no cause for the odor. Eventually, a student allegedly admitted to using a potent stink spray known as Hensgaukt Fart Spray, according to a statement from Carney Creek Fire & Rescue. The product is promoted online as a joke item that produces an odor mimicking that of real feces and synthetic vomit.

Security footage reviewed during the investigation allegedly shows Navarrete-Arce in an area of the school where students are visibly reacting to an unpleasant smell. According to an arrest affidavit, “Navarrete-Arce appears to drop and retrieve an object that looks to be a small spray can.”

Upon questioning, Navarrete-Arce, a senior student at the high school, allegedly confessed to using the spray in multiple parts of the school. He is then said to have given it to another student, whom he declined to identify. Reportedly, Navarrete-Arce also claimed that Flores had an identical spray can, which was seized by a teacher during the initial evacuation.

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