Ex-convict “took advantage” of his 6-year-old stepdaughter while his wife was giving birth in the hospital; police reveal other shocking evidence

Every couple rejoices when they expect a child and eagerly awaits its arrival. The man in this story also couldn’t wait for his wife to give birth to their child, but for other, shocking reasons. He reportedly waited for his wife to be taken to the hospital so he could take advantage of her daughter and commit horrific acts.

The stepfather, whose identity was not revealed, allegedly ra-ed his six-year-old stepdaughter while his wife was in the hospital giving birth to a baby. The little girl named Ana was later reported missing, and investigators found it extremely suspicious when the stepfather refused to cooperate when they asked him about Ana’s possible whereabouts.

The police revealed that the stepfather told them “he would not give evidence against himself.” This contributed to making him a prime suspect when Ana’s lifeless body was eventually discovered. The little girl’s body was found floating in the river, three days after she was reported missing. Investigators who saw the remains of the young child noticed signs that Ana had suffered violence before being dumped in the river.

After an autopsy was carried out, officials found that the child’s chest had been compressed and her jaw was broken. Evidence also suggested that the girl was brutally attacked and ra-ed before her body was thrown away. Because her body showed no signs of drowning, investigators believe that Ana was dead by the time her body was abandoned in the river. “The child was badly beaten: ra-ed, strained, had compression on the chest, and the jaw was broken. She really suffered a lot before she died. She was thrown into the river already dead; there was no sign of drowning,” said authorities.

Further investigation revealed that the 34-year-old stepfather is a man with a criminal history. However, there is no evidence to suggest that Ana’s mother was aware of the vile and gruesome acts that her husband committed in the past.

In the year 2007, the stepfather was convicted of ra-ing his own mother before going on to murder her. Later, when he was out on temporary release in his hometown of Sao Francisco, the man was accused of forcing a little girl, aged only 3, to perform oгal se- on him.

After Ana’s body was found floating on the surface of the river, her relatives came forward and spoke about how they were suspicious of some kind of abuse going on between the child and the stepfather. They would notice how Ana never seemed to be at ease when her stepfather was around. The relatives also revealed that on one occasion, Ana even tried to run away from home.

Currently, the investigation is still underway, and the stepfather remains the prime suspect. He is being held in preventive custody until further developments in the case take place.

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