Days since announcing his presidential run, DeSantis losses first battle against Trump

The Washington, D.C. Young Republicans group recently declared their support for President Donald J. Trump, concurrently with Governor Ron DeSantis’s somewhat turbulent campaign introduction on Twitter. Kingsley Cortes, a member of the board that unanimously supported the former president, is the daughter of Steve Cortes, who is a spokesperson for DeSantis’ PAC.

Earlier this May, Cortes switched allegiances to DeSantis’s team, igniting a verbal tussle with steadfast MAGA proponents such as Steve Bannon. Bannon likened Cortes’s move to the Biblical betrayal of Judas Iscariot, accusing him of accepting “thirty pieces of silver.”

The DCYR’s released the following statement Tuesday:

“When President Donald J. Trump was elected in 2016, the Establishment was brought to its knees and the Deep State curtain was ripped down the seam. Our enemies were exposed, and like rats and snakes, they scurried and slithered for cover. Soon after, the United States entered a “Pax Americana” until the election was “fortified” in 2020 and the traitors were reinstalled.

In the ensuing period, our nation, our citizens, and indeed, the globe, have been afflicted with multiple challenges. The global standing and sway of the United States have dwindled. With Europe in chaos, an unending cycle of wars has once more become part of our foreign policy, and we’ve lost the respect of both allies and rivals. Domestically, the burden of open borders, mass immigration, record-breaking crime rates, and inflation are pressing down on the American populace. Yet, the societal upper crust retains their privileged status, the bureaucratic machinery retains its grip, and the working class is battling to keep its head above water.

In these testing times, we are in dire need of a steadfast advocate. We require a leader with a discerning eye for the battles that need fighting and the ability to fight them. We yearn for a seasoned yet sprightly leader, reminiscent of a youthful crusader, someone akin to a Caesar who can expertly navigate the complex landscape of politics. We long for a President who prioritizes America. We are in need of Donald J. Trump’s leadership in the forthcoming 2024 election.

President Donald J. Trump once promised that “We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism.” It’s time to finish the job. It’s time to Make America Great Again!

Therefore, the Washington D.C. Young Republicans club bestows its unreserved and unequivocal endorsement for the Presidency of the United States on Donald John Trump.

The Washington, D.C. Young Republicans Executive Board:

  • Brian Oakes
  • Alex Kroll
  • Joel Valdez
  • John S. Wilson V
  • Kingsley Cortes
  • Matt Arbos
  • Isaac Smith
  • Isabela Belchior
  • Gilbert Fiedler

The Washington DC Young Republican group’s support comes on the heels of a similar endorsement from the country’s biggest young Republican organization, the New York Young Republican Club. Recently, the DC Young Republicans have been dominated by advocates of the America First policy, shifting away from traditional Republican party establishment. The New York Young Republican Club is gearing up to hold its yearly gala in December.

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