City of Dayton demolishing structures where illegal activities take place as part of Dayton Recovery Plan

Dayton, Ohio – In order to create space for brand new real estate opportunities, a house in North Dayton is now being torn down.

As part of the Dayton Recovery Plan, which has designated over 1,000 homes as possibilities for demolition, a house located at 1516 Chapel Street is now undergoing demolition. The decision to demolish these structures was made because of the many problems that exist there, such as the presence of illegal substances, dog fighting, credit card theft, and unsafe living conditions.

According to Steven Gondol, who serves as the Deputy Director of Planning, “this property has been a blight on the community both structurally and illegal drug activities.”

The city believes that by tearing down these structures, it would pave the way for new development opportunities in the future.

Because of the Dayton Recovery Plan, the city will have access to more than 15 million dollars over the course of the next three years to complete projects of this type. There are people in charge of the program who are making sure the money is being used effectively.

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