City Of Dayton Assists Businesses In Expanding Patio Seating Areas

Dayton, Ohio – New City of Dayton guidelines for outdoor dining and customer service areas will assist businesses in expanding seating capacity while meeting social distancing health and safety standards.

The Pop-Up Patio Program provides businesses with guidance on planning, installing and operating new patios and customer seating on private property or in public right-of-way areas including sidewalks or curbside parking zones.

City of Dayton staff members will assist businesses with the application and permitting process, as well as guidance on public safety, construction, building materials and aesthetic appeal.

Included are guidelines for patio expansions, parklets (platform cafes) and pedlets (temporary walkways around expanded seating areas).

In recognition of the needs of businesses, guidance is provided for both temporary and permanent (beyond Oct. 31, 2020) installations.

Availability of the Pop-Up Patio Program guidelines follows discussion of a proposal by the City Commission on May 27. The program was developed by the City of Dayton Departments of Planning and Community Development, Public Works, and Economic Development, in cooperation with the Downtown Dayton Partnership.

Interested businesses my contact the City of Dayton at [email protected] or 937-333-3683, or go to for more information.

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