Brave young girl fights off a rapist; she threatened to cut his manhood off and kicked him in his privates 

A young girl told the horrifying story of how she was assaulted by a man who was 33 years old and how she fought off the man when he tried to rape her.

During the course of the trial, the girl, who is now 16 years old, explained to the jury how the man, Stephen, coerced her into having unprotected sex with him after she had paid him a visit at his home. When she was 13 years old, she and her friend would often get to Stephen’s home to smoke w—d.

“We just got high, like all the time. It was good,” the girl said.

It was practically a daily occurrence for the girl and her friends to skip school in order to gather at Stephen’s apartment. However, on several occasions, the teenager saw the adult male act in an improper manner as he attempted to sexually abuse them. She told the jury that Stephen would only let her leave his one-bedroom apartment after she gave him a hug, and that there were instances when he would grope her over her clothes.

Stephen tried to rape the teenager after flipping her over on a mattress in his room. The attacker tried to force her into having sex with him, but when she was asked in court whether the man got his way, she said, “Not fully. I stopped it. I kicked him in the balls and told him to f**k off.”

It was when the teenager threatened to cut Stephen’s manhood off that he finally got up and left the girl alone. “Sorry,” he told her as he went into the bathroom. During the attack, he even threatened to rape the teenager’s sister and friends if she told anyone about the incident. Not long after he allegedly tried to rape her, the man went up to the teenager while she was sitting in the kitchen. And as he stood inches away from her, the man took her legs and wrapped them around his body as she sat on a chest freezer.

There were other occasions where Stephen abused the teenager as well, including the time he grabbed her hand and made a sexual comment as he placed her arm on his privates. At other times, he would try to force his hand down her pants to inappropriately touch her.

He would attempt to “poke” and “he just kept trying and I said: ‘No. Get off me!’ I said things like: ‘Don’t f**king touch me again!'” the girl said in court. In response to the girl’s warnings, Stephen would respond by saying, “It’s not a big deal.” In addition to showing video recordings of her evidence against Stephen, the teenage girl stated how the man attempted to hug her friend, who was 14 years old, but she warned him to “f**k off.”

Following accusations made against Stephen, the man was charged with raping and sexually assaulting two underage schoolgirls. The girls were only 13 and 14 when the abuse took place. Stephen had also reportedly kidnapped one of the girls, slapped her in the face, and abused her while keeping her against her will. Among the 11 charges against the vile man, charges of supplying cannabis to youngsters, possessing an imitation firearm, and firing an airgun at two youths are also included.

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