Boy sells lemonade to raise money, but the unexpected happens when an officer comes by his stand after learning the reason

Surely many of us are happy to see children selling something at a stand in their neighborhood, especially if it is something we can benefit from, such as cold lemonade on hot summer days. This boy was selling lemonade and cookies to raise money, and when an officer passing by learned the reason, he came back later and helped him accomplish his goal.

A 7-year-old boy named Landen was just selling lemonade and cookies in the neighborhood of his house when he was approached by a law enforcement officer. Their conversation was captured by the boy’s grandmother, and she shared the story on social media.

“Just saying we are so quick to put down how BAD we get treated sometimes, but I have to say i was blessed by the officer.”

The officer took the time to talk with Landen and asked him what he planned to do with the money he made from selling lemonade. Landen told him he needed the money to buy a pair of blue shoes for the upcoming school year.

Shortly later, the officer came back to the lemonade stand that was being run by the seven-year-old boy, and this time he had something with him as a surprise for Landen: a pair of blue sneakers.

Landen was very happy with the surprise he received and could not hide his excitement.

“He made my baby’s day yesterday, and not only that, he made him feel like a king,” the grandmother said.

A few days later, she published a picture on social media showing Landen smiling while wearing his new sneakers.

This officer’s deed was praised by the chief of the police department, who said, “This is the type of officer we are looking to hire.”

This was such a kind gesture from the officer, and it certainly restores trust in law enforcement. Please share this story so that as many people as possible can hear about the positive side of the police.

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