Average gas prices increasing in Ohio

Miami Valley, Ohio – According to the information provided by AAA, the price of an average gallon of gas in Ohio has increased by 15 cents since yesterday.

The average price of regular gas throughout the state was around $4.60 on Wednesday, while it was $4.45 on Tuesday.

According to the information provided by AAA, the county of Champaign in the Miami Valley has the highest average gas costs, coming in at $4.62 per gallon, followed by the county of Mercer, which has an average of $4.68 per gallon.

On Wednesday, the price of a gallon of gas increased to $4.79 at some gas stations located in the Miami Valley. GasBuddy.com says that the price increase was recorded at gas stations in Dayton, Clayton, Huber Heights, New Carlisle, Fairborn, Springfield, Troy, and Xenia.

The price of diesel in the state was approximately $5.33, which marks a 7-cent increase from Tuesday’s price of $5.26.

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