Рedo Scout leader forces boys to “indecently pass around” a little girl; then makes them promise not to tell anyone

A little girl was put through the horrifying ordeal of being repeatedly assaulted by the kids of a boy scout group. The spine-chilling incident was a result of the person who was meant to be guiding and leading the boys encouraging them to carry out the horrifying assault.

The young boys of the group were influenced by their scout leader to carry out the vile attack on the young girl, who was said to be aged between seven and 11 at the time. The incident occurred in the basement of a scout lodge. After getting the children to perform the se-ual act, the scout leader made them promise not to tell anyone about what happened by making them swear under the “scout code of honor.”

The pedophile scout leader also insisted that the girl was a “good girl guide,” and because of this, he told her never to tell anyone what happened to her in the cellar underneath the scout lodge.

For about 30 years after the brutal attack took place, nobody knew what happened until the girl, who is now in her 30s, decided to come forward and call out those involved in the attack.

During the trial, prosecutors questioned all the boys, who are all now adults, involved in the attack that took place somewhere between 1983 and 1987. As for the scout leader, who is now 64 years old, the court heard that he was the same man who was jailed for unspecified se-ual offenses in the year 2000.

While he was working with the boy scout organization, the pedophile scout leader was seen by other members as an active and enthusiastic guide in the group. It was also noted that the group doubled in size during the time the scout leader was in charge.

As per reports, the judge said during the trial that the man practiced his “se-ual perversions” and laid them out to the children in the form of a game.

After the woman came forward to the police about what happened to her three decades ago and told them how the scout leader was involved, the now-64-year-old man was convicted and given a jail sentence of three years.

In another incident, a former Beaver Scout leader was convicted of se-ually assaulting two six-year-old girls in the very camps that he helped run.

After one of the children told the police that the man, Oliver, had touched her inappropriately, the police went through his phone and laptop and found images as well as videos of children taking their clothes off in private.

The court sentenced Oliver to six years in prison after finding him guilty of two counts of se-ual assault on a 6-year-old girl, and of se-ual assault on another girl who was also six years old. While being given his sentence, the judge noted how the man showed absolutely no remorse for the crimes he committed. Oliver was also found guilty on one count of taking indecent photographs of a child and has 13 counts of voyeurism against his name.

We are republishing this story amid recent reports that child se-ual abuse has increased in the United States during the pandemic.


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