Yellow Springs advanced to final four of the Strongest Town contest

Springfield, Ohio – A community in the Miami Valley has advanced to the final four of a competition for the strongest town, which is being held on the website

On the Strong Towns website, it is said that representatives from each town participated in an interview with Rachel Quednau, the program director for the project. There were a range of topics discussed in these podcasts, which assisted voters in determining which town was the strongest and most deserving of progressing to the final round.

This week, Yellow Springs will face off against Jasper, Indiana. According to the website, another Ohio town, Norwood, Ohio, is facing off against Durango, Colorado, at the same time.

Yellow Springs has competed against communities that are 5–10 times the size of Yellow Springs, according to Yellow Springs Council President Brian Housh, and the town has managed to hold its own in the tournament.

The voting period will end at 1 p.m. on Thursday, March 31. Click here to vote for your favorite.

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