Woman uses a bizarre method to strengthen the relationship with her boyfriend, she claims many people would like to be like her boyfriend

And just when you think you’ve heard it all, another story comes along that leaves you shocked.

Lana was divorced from her husband, to whom she gave birth to two children, but she wanted to feel again the “female energy” of childbirth.

Then she met her new partner, Sean, who made that fantasy come true for her—she is breastfeeding her boyfriend!

“I wanted to breastfeed again, to feel more feminine and desirable. It occurred to me that Sean might be able to help. We tried it, and it was completely natural and normal, and we achieved an even deeper connection,” Lana said.

The two met through a dating app, and Lana soon traveled to meet Sean in person.

“I wanted my milk to return, so I took herbal supplements for lactation. I always felt great while breastfeeding, and Sean helped me a lot. We are open-minded, and this only further strengthened our relationship,” she said.

He says that he drinks the milk straight away and that they have not “experimented” with adding it to coffee or food.

“I know that many criticize me because they think that it is a sexual act, but women’s breasts have always been seen from that angle. Many people would like to be like Sean and I, and I hope that our interview will help to talk about this topic. I didn’t want more children, but I didn’t want to give up breastfeeding,” she said.

Lana also said that her breasts have grown since she breastfed again.

Watch their interview here.

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