Woman installs a hidden camera in her home, catches her husband “in the act” with their daughter

A mother of two decided to install a hidden camera in her living room, hoping to capture some of her children’s sweet moments. She was not prepared for what the camera caught.

The mother, Rejuena, set up the camera to get videos to send to the children’s grandmother, but the main attraction was not what she expected.

In the footage, Rejuena’s unnamed husband is seen doing chores as their daughter dances to a hit song. The couple’s other baby is in his bouncy chair in the corner.

It doesn’t take long for the father to leave the chores and join his daughter in doing the robot dance and a ballet.

As the daughter keeps dancing around with pom poms, the dad breaks out diva-esque moves, hands on his hips. The dance gains momentum, and he even bends down to involve the baby, sticking his tongue out and jumping up and down.

The baby giggles, and the dad turns to his daughter, asking, “Are you dancing?”

Shaking her hands in the air, the girl offers up the pom-poms.

“No, both of them,” she says when he only takes one.

With both pom poms, he continues the sassy dance number, his knees bent. His daughter takes one pom pom, and the dad keeps twirling the second one until his routine is complete.

He then drops it like a microphone and walks off.

Watch the video here.


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