Woman eats poisoned food and nurses her baby; starts feeling sick and asks husband to take them to hospital, unaware that he played a role

A man is responsible for his wife’s and their 3-month-old baby’s deaths and burying their bodies more than 70 miles away from where they lived.

Luiz, 36, allegedly contaminated his wife’s food with rat poison, and after the mother of his child, Josiele, consumed the poisoned food, she continued to breastfeed her three-month-old baby boy. Josiele was completely unaware that she was poisoning the little one and taking part in Louise’s plot to kill them.

After feeding her son the contaminated breast milk, Josiele started to feel unwell and told her husband she needed medical attention. Under the pretext of going to the hospital, Luiz got in the car with his wife and their son, but instead of taking them to a doctor, the husband drove 73 miles away from their residence. By the time they reached the spot, the innocent mother and son were dead, and Luiz buried them both together.

Eventually, Josiele and her son were reported missing on September 15. Luiz used this time to send messages from his wife’s phone to her relatives, pretending to be Josiele and blocking them all from her contact list. It was Josiele’s 17-year-old son who finally raised the alarm and informed the police about not hearing from his mother for a while. As investigations began, the police found the bodies of the missing mother and son on September 23.

The officers concluded that the mother’s food was spiked with rat poison, which ended up killing both her and her baby boy. Investigators also believe that Luiz committed the grave crime as a response to his wife wanting to end their relationship.

In October, Luiz was charged with homicide, and the court ruled that the husband would face a trial by jury in connection with ending the lives of his wife and children.


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