Transition to online working proved beneficial for the expansion of a furniture bank that helps nonprofit organizations

Cincinnati, Ohio – The only positive side of the COVID-19 pandemic that has lasted for more than two years and claimed many lives, affected people’s health, left many people unemployed, many businesses closed, and had a negative impact on social life is that many companies have decided to change their previous practice and let their employees perform work tasks online by working from home.

Working remotely proved beneficial for the expansion of one furniture bank, where nonprofit organizations with noble missions, such as the Middletown-based Enblock10 Foundation, which deals with mentoring at-risk youth, can get a decent piece of furniture at a much lower price than on the market.

The president of the Enbloc10 Foundation, Gerald Mack, said, “Sometimes nonprofits don’t have the funding. We don’t have the bankroll to shop in the top dollar stores. You can get an office table with chairs that might cost $1,000 elsewhere, but you come in here you might spend $150, so it’s good Because we’re giving back to the community, and they’re giving back to the community to help us.”

OneSource, a resource organization located in Cincinnati, provides nonprofit organizations with office furniture that has been barely used and sells it to them at a lower cost.

However, since so many offices were closed while COVID was going on, the organization now has too much furniture, so they have decided to hold a public sale where everyone can get furniture, not only the non-profit organizations, according to David Wallace, the new senior vice president of operations.

They want to make everything available to the general public every Tuesday and Saturday, but nonprofits will still have certain days on which they may get additional discounts.

Please visit this link for further information on the furniture bank.

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