Teacher pulls girl’s shirt off during a fight in front of students, learns the consequences of her actions

A teacher at an alternative school is on leave after she was caught on camera pulling a student through a class doorway and ripping off the student’s shirt during the incident.

The video showed the teacher reprimanding the 15-year-old student, who was allegedly having a panic attack because of an argument between the teacher and other students. She needed to leave the room, but the teacher grabbed her from behind and pulled her back into the class.

“I opened the door. I was already out of the classroom, and she decided to wrap her arm around my neck and pull me back into the classroom. My sweatshirt came off – the entire thing came off – and the whole class saw me naked. And after that, I just started crying hysterically. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life,” she recalled. The girl’s face was obscured in the video (watch the video here).

According to a spokesperson for the school district, the teacher, Carrie, was placed on paid administrative leave. “We have to find out through the investigation what the state of mind was, why she was doing it, why she put her hands on the student,”  the spokesperson stated.

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