Son kills parents for a bizarre reason—a simple request from his father sent him over the edge

It’s only normal for parents and children to argue now and then, which might push you to the point where you want to tear your hair out in anger. However, would you really go to the extreme of murdering them just so they would stop getting on your nerves?

Well, a 31-year-old bodybuilder killed his parents for the unlikeliest of reasons. His father had asked him to take their dog out for a walk, and that sent him over the edge.

According to news outlets, the alleged murder took place when teachers Peter and Laura went missing at the beginning of this year.

Though Laura’s dead body was later found in the river with signs of strangulation, her husband’s body was never recovered, although traces of his blood were found by a nearby bridge. In January of this year, the murderer, Benno, was taken into custody.

He allegedly confessed to the murders, saying that he killed his father first after the two of them got into an argument. He then killed his mother later. Apparently, the son lost his cool after his dad asked him to take the family dog out for a walk. When he refused to pay heed to his father’s request, it resulted in an argument. The Sun reports that Benno had gone up to his room to get away from the argument. Following which, he played some games on the computer before falling asleep. When his dad walked into the room to wake him up, he complained that he never helped around the house. Benno said, “Dad accused me of being a failure. I just wanted silence. So I shut him up.”

The man then decided to strangle his father to silence him. He revealed, “I took the first climbing rope I found from the plastic tray of my tools. We were in the hallway, and we fell together on the ground. I just remember that I squeezed very tightly.”

Benno said that his mom returned home after he strangled his dad. In cold blood, and without saying a word, he used the same rope to kill her, too. “I did it without even saying goodbye,” he admitted.

Then he took the bodies to a bridge and threw them into the river. Now, the man is in prison on charges of murder and body concealment. The investigation is still ongoing.




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