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Organization Helps Women Fighting Breast Cancer

Dayton, Ohio – During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one organization is helping women battling the disease all around the state. The Pink Ribbon Girls promise not only to take on cancer, but to lighten the burden on you and your family,

​​For Katie Gascho, cancer was never part of the plan. But when she was diagnosed last November with stage one breast cancer, the second time she was diagnosed with cancer, she knew it was something she had to fight for her two sons.

“Finding out I had cancer for the second time, I think was really, really shocking,” Gascho said. “Because I knew what it meant to go through cancer treatment.”

Gascho’s middle school aged sons were a big part of her support system, but they say it was tough to see their mom go through treatment.

“It took awhile to accept that my mom had breast cancer and that we were going to have to go down that path,” Gascho’s son Bennett said. “I felt sorry for myself some days and some days I felt compassion kind of that we everything would be okay in the end.”

But thankfully, Pink Ribbon Girls, a local organization that provides services to women battling cancer, was able to lift some of the burden off of Gascho and her family.

“When you’re going through cancer treatment, you realize what you take for granted,” Gascho said. “And you take for granted simple things like going to the grocery store, meal planning, meal prep and so that fact that the meals were just delivered to our front door was amazing.”

“They were just really convenient because we didn’t have to get takeout every night and the rest of scant cook, so these helped so much,” Gascho’s son Nate said.

Pink Ribbon Girls not only delivers meals, but also offers housekeeping, peer support and rides to treatment.

Rides to treatment for clients and meals to doors are what makes this seemingly unending journey bearable Gascho says.

“It makes such a difference when you don’t have to walk the road alone,” she said. “And Pink Ribbon Girls just came along side us and they walked the road with us and they provided a very practical need that we had, but it meant everything to us.”

Gascho is now on the road to recovery. She had her last chemotherapy treatment in May and she has a few months left of herceptin infusions. She says she’s feeling much better and hopes it gives some inspiration to other women fighting breast cancer.

“It is temporary and there is an ending point and you will feel good again and you will get your life back,” she said.

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