Officer pulls a woman over and told her to pop the trunk, the woman says “He went above and beyond”

While going about his duty as a police officer, the man decided that his duty on the job was not enough. When he saw a driver in need, the county officer pulled over his squad car and did something that this woman never expected.

Not only did the police officer warn her about a brake light that had gone out, but he also proceeded to do something that left her speechless – and compelled to share the experience with the wider world on Facebook.

When Chy-Niece saw that Officer Jenkins was pulling her over, she got worried. She started fumbling through her glove compartment looking for her registration and insurance information.

However, as soon as Officer Jenkins got close enough, he told her not to bother. He wasn’t pulling her over for any reason but to tell her that her brake light was out.

“As he walked to the car, and I was pulling out my stuff, he quickly said, ‘Don’t worry about pulling anything out. I just want you to know that your brake lights are out,’” Chy-Niece wrote on her Facebook page.

At that point, Chy-Niece felt like she could trust Officer Jenkins. Because he was just trying to make sure she was safe on the road, she decided to unburden her frustrations on him. She told him that she’d just replaced her brake lights in July and was worried that this would result in another expensive test to check her car’s wiring.

“He looked at me like (worried emoji) and told me to pop the trunk. He checked the lights in the trunk and tapped them, but they didn’t come on. So he told me to pop the hood to check the relay box then asked me to get out to check the other one,” she wrote.

Chy-Niece was impressed with Officer Jenkins because he demonstrated his commitment to the community. Instead of issuing a ticket, he just wanted to help.

“I don’t want anyone slamming into the back of you,” she remembered him saying.

Chy-Niece was happy to announce that “he went above and beyond” what was expected.

“He could’ve easily given me a ticket, but Officer Jenkins stepped out of officer role and into mechanic role to make sure I was straight.”

She added the hashtag #HesABlessing.

Without a doubt, Officer Jenkins proved that he became a police officer – not so he could wield a weapon or take down bad guys – but so he could provide his community a service. He listened to Chy-Niece’s situation with empathy and understanding, and when he heard that it would be tough for her to fork out the extra cash for a wiring test on her car, he stepped in to help. Without a doubt, he is one of the good cops out there that do not get credit for their good work often enough.

What do you think about this officer’s kind actions?

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