Mother wraps newborn baby girl in newspapers and throws her out like garbage; claims she thought she had a misсarriage, but there’s something even more shocking

The emotions experienced after giving birth are complex and can vary greatly from person to person. While some mothers feel immense joy and fulfillment after bringing a new life into the world, for others, the postpartum period can be challenging, both physically and mentally. However, regardless of the emotional struggle, there is no excuse for doing something horrible to a child, especially a newborn.

A few hours were all that a tiny infant had before being thrown out like garbage by her own mother after birth. Right before getting rid of her newborn daughter, the mother, named Ana, 29, sent text messages to the father of her newborn baby and complained about their child, saying she “didn’t want her.” Both Ana and her ex-partner, Guilherme, are now facing charges in connection with the murder of their baby girl.

It was reported that Ana threw the infant down a garbage chute in their building, leading to the little one falling six floors through the passageway to her death. Upon investigation, it was concluded that the child lost her life from the head trauma she suffered after the fall. Killed hours after her birth, the child was found inside a garbage container that was located in front of the building where Ana and the father of her child were living at the time.

From the garbage container, the police retrieved a black garbage bag that was sealed with a hairband, and inside the bag was the tiny baby, wrapped up in newspapers before its tragic fate.

As investigations into the case began, the police found messages that Ana sent to her ex-partner before committing the heinous crime. Already a mother to her other daughter, Ana reportedly complained to Guilherme about their newborn baby and said she didn’t want “another mouth to feed.” When her ex-partner later messaged her, she said, “You killed my daughter.” Consequent messages from Guilherme included him saying: “Get rid of it.”

Along with pressing murder charges against Ana, the police also charged Guilherme for lying to the police and trying to help her get away with the crime. When the police questioned him about her whereabouts after the newborn was found, Guilherme claimed Ana was away with her three-year-old daughter at the time. Eventually, Ana was taken into custody, and the former gymnast has since been held at a women’s prison.

Ana’s lawyer, Leticia, earlier claimed that her client threw her baby down the chute because she thought she had a miscarriage and decided to get rid of the body so her other daughter would not be traumatized. The lawyer also revealed that Ana had depressive episodes before giving birth to the baby and that it took 98 days since the child was born for the mother to finally be issued a psychiatric test by officials. It was also revealed that Ana once tried to end her life while she was being held in jail.

Her other daughter is being looked after by her grandparents while Ana awaits further court proceedings.

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